Danny Wallace to Voice Character in Assassins Creed 2

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Danny Wallace is a popular UK author, radio producer, television presenter and all round nice guy  (That’s me meeting him in the picture above) who is probably best known to you guys in America as the author of last years Jim Carrey film, Yes Man.  Today’s issue of Shortlist magazine features an interview with Danny where he reveals he has recently finished recording his lines for a role in Assassins Creed 2, hit the jump for the little bit of information that he divulged about the role:

He’s called Shaun and he’s a kind of historian. I thought he was just a bog standard nerd, but turns out no, he has got a darker side, which is cool. He chooses mainly to sit at a computer and study the history of Renaissance Italy and impart information, sometimes slightly sarcastically, to our hero. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

It sounds to me like he’s got a role similar to that of Kristen Bell in the first Assassins Creed as somebody in the present who’s helping Desmond solve the mysteries of the past, there’s no word on whether his character will be modeled after him as well but I’m guessing that like Kristen Bells character Lucy, Shaun will at least bare a resemblance to Danny.  The good thing is this time we already know that the jumps between the present and the past, I don’t know if you remember but Kristen Bell managed to spoil that little twist in the game when she was promoting Assassins Creed.

I’m a big fan of Danny and I’m guessing his character will serve as the comic relief in the game which is no bad thing, Danny is a funny guy if you haven’t read any of his books you should check them out, they make for amusing reading.

Source: Shortlist

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