ConsumerWhore ALERT – 2 Good Price Drops This Week

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Not to get too political, but Andrew Jackson has a ton of Native American blood on his hands...yet we idolize him with a $20 bill...if Hitler was on the $20 bill, how would the Jewish people feel?

I AM the resident ConsumerWhore. Between Gamefly and spending my own cash, I go after almost every game that comes out at some point. If you haven’t been listening to our RLR podcasts since I’ve joined the panel, one of our favorite things to say around here is “Not worth $60”. Well we mean it, so here are two price drops this week that will scratch your gaming itch for less bucks.

Brutal Legend – PS3/360 – Originally $59.99, now MSRP $19.99 – Tim Schafer’s latest project stars Jack Black as Eddie, a roadie out to save the world. When this game came out, a lot of people bought it only to find it wasn’t their thing. This game is steeped in heavy metal love.

Why it wasn’t worth $60 – While all the ads looked like a third person hack and slash, the game actually is a RTS style of gameplay further in which made people turn it off and trade it in. And hey, you can nab it used from GameStop for even less used and return it if it’s not for you!

Disgaea 3 – PS3 – Originally $49.99, now $19.99 at GameStop It’s Disgaea. Anyone who played the first two know exactly what to expect. But for the rest of you, it’s a SRPG with an over the top story about demons, the ability to do insane damage combos, and of course level characters into the thousands.

Why it wasn’t worth $60 – The game isn’t as strong as the first two games, and it didn’t help that Disgaea 3 doesn’t use the PS3 to it’s advantage. The game looks really no different than the PS2/PSP versions of the others. Not to mention the amount of pay DLC for the game. If you bought all the DLC, you would pay MORE than the original game. Now you can get the game for cheap and pick up a few of the DLC items without feeling guilty.

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