Alan Smithee

Console vs PC Wars Nearing an End?

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Gabe Newell (aka our saviour Gaben) has decided to eat up some of the competition from consoles by releasing “Big Picture Mode” for Steam recently that allows you to play games on your HDTV instead of your monitor, but there’s also talk of a Steam Box headed our way.

With the service already on OSX, WIndows, and soon to be on Linux, Valve is doing very well indeed to make sure that it’s platform is available widely to users of all hardware, but are also working on making their own hardware that will be “tightly controlled” by the company themselves.

That last line smacks of ambition to be a new combatant into the console world, and with the Xbox and PS3 diluting their once GAME CONSOLE identities down to them being fancy media boxes and Internet devices that also play some games…the time is ripe for a PC competitor to make their presence known to the market.

The only thing that really stands in the way of this idea, and one of the biggest arguments that I used to use when having console versus PC discussions is the fragmented nature of PCs. There’s simply no guarantee that a game will work on Tom, Dick, or Sally’s rigs because they all have different system specs, while any derp with $200 can get a Xbox 360 and play a vast catalog of games from the systems launch right up to games that are being released this week.

If Valve were to release their own hardware, and make sure that EVERYTHING on Steam works with said hardware, they’re set to rake in a shitload of money from guys like me who game less, but still use their PCs daily. The ball is in Valve’s court and in the hands of a very adept CEO, I can’t wait to see what they’re capable of.

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