Alan Smithee

Conan Slays DC

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There is some serious benefit for Conan O’Brien’s being on TBS, one of which is that the studio where his show records is literally right next to the studio on the Warner Bros. lot that is responsible for all of the DC Comics Animated series.

This is all done in good fun comic fans, so please try to not get mad at Conan as he rips apart some of DC’s terrible characters such at Bat Lash, Ultra The Multi-Alien, and Captain Boomerang. My favorite bit besides having himself made into a farsical comic character is that he kinda gave Green Lantern a hard time for being such a ‘lazy’ character. As for the aforementioned comic character, it’s amazing what Team Coco fans can do in their spare time with just a few minutes in photoshop isn’t it?

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