Complete Series: 24 with Top Season Countdown

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24 has officially come to an end. At least is has in television form and as it’s been on the air for a long time we’ve had some good and bad times with our friend Jack Bauer. So to look back at all of the seasons I’m going to do a countdown of what I felt to be the greatest moments in Jack Bauer’s history.

8. Season 2 — Season 2 brought us the debacle of Kim and The Cougar. I couldn’t get into this season at all mostly because of what happened to me in season 1. Technically this is the only season that I haven’t seen every episode of so I really can’t be technical when it comes to this season.

7. Season 1 — After watching the first season of 24 I officially decided to never watch the show again. I thought the concept was fantastic but how they went about doing it drove me crazy. Mostly because there was absolutely no relief. It was non-stop constant aggression making you have to watch every episode just hoping there would be an ounce of relief for any of the characters and yet it never came. Plus it had some of what I believe to be the worst scripted moments in television history. If you were being chased by a bunch of men who wanted to kill you and you had two choices of places to run to, would you run to an airport full of people and possibly police officers? Or into an abandoned warehouse?

6. Season 3 — I decided after a while and people telling me that later seasons would be better to give 24 another shot. So after watching a little of the second season I went on to this one, which was okay but not all that great. I was starting to like some of the side characters but overall I still didn’t get the whole appeal of the show.

5. Season 6 — Apparently I must have gotten the show because season 6 comes in next on the list. Season 6 brought into play Jack Bauer’s family, specifically his father and brother. But overall the show had gone into a misstep. They didn’t seem to know what they wanted to do with it.

4. Season 4 — This was the season where I started to see life in the show 24. It went in ways I didn’t think it would, and the writers started to figure out different things they could do with it.

3. Season 7 — Starting off with a movie was a good way to start this epic season. By this time I took 24 less seriously and more as just a fun what would Jack Bauer do kind of show. He ends up getting freedom which means for once Jack will have a good time in between seasons.

2. Season 8 — This past season was really fun television. Jack Bauer did some truly OMG moments. Plus they pulled some amazing things on characters that I didn’t expect them to do. It felt like they wanted to end the show with a bang and they did, plus the return of one of the greatest characters on television Mr. Charles Logan. The moment he came back I squealed.

1. Season 5 — This is the only season of 24 I own and probably will ever own. The twists in this season or legendary and it sets up Charles Logan as one of the greatest villains ever. This is when I really just had fun with this show. After seeing this season I could probably go back to early seasons and like them more. It is the best that the 24 hour format could come up with.

Overall I probably disliked the show more then I liked it, but I’ve grown to like it. Plus Sutherland is such a nice fellow.

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