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Community “Modern Warfare” – Review

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I can’t believe how hard I laughed at this week’s episode of Community. Seriously, if you’re a fan of this show and you haven’t watched the episode just yet…stop reading this, click the link, and watch it below!

During the beginning of the episode we get subtle hints as to what is to come with the college’s “Spring Fling” and the point is hammered home as soon as the Dean arrives in the group’s study area and notifies them that the prize (originally a Blu-ray player) has now become a TBD.

Meanwhile, we find the crew from Greendale growing sick of Jeff and Britta’s sexual tension that comes across as bickering. To get away from the frustrating situation, Jeff decides that he’ll take a bit of a siesta in his car. Cue commercial…

On the return, Jeff wakes up in what seems like a dystopian version of the usually chipper campus that has been splattered across every inch with spent paintballs. Desperate to find out what has happened, he rushes into the nearest building only to find out that there is a gigantic paintball fight going on throughout the campus and the winner gets…Priority Scheduling!

(For those of you that didn’t go to college, registering for classes was normally one of the biggest pains in the ass that one would ever have to go through, hence why this is such a good prize.)

The best part of the episode hands down would have to be the point where the dean unleashes Sr. Chang into the battlefield as he and Britta have a John Woo dual pistol battle with Sr. Chang holding the gold plated pistols and dressed much like Chow Yun Fat in Hard Boiled.

All I can say is that this episode cemented this series as timeless. I rarely hold on to episodes on my DVR after watching them, but I can easily see myself watching this one over and over again. Big thumbs up NBC!

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