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Coming to DVD; Robotech the Complete Original Series

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In case you were either dead, not born, or too young during the 80’s (when the original Robotech TV series was aired in the US) or were not around or a fan during the mega release of the Harmony Gold Robotech anthology (Macross Saga, Robotech Masters, and Generation) Robotech will begin its DVD re-release October 18th.

I will admit I am not an expert at Robotech. I defer that honor to our mighty shogun, Xopher. But I am no novice. I have the ENTIRE Harmony Gold release from the early 00’s, sitting on a shelf in my basement. It encompases some 85 episodes across nearly 20 disks, all neatly boxed up in their respective cases. I watched the show originally during the 80’s, and was glad to make the investment 10 years ago in the DVDs.

With a new release, Harmony Gold is again releasing these largely unrelated series in mid-October. I say unrelated, because the series is actually 3 different and unrelated mecha series, tied in to look like one contiguous series. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada. The series were re-dubbed so that they could all revolve around a core concept “protoculture”.

Overall, the series is pretty good. The original Macross portion is excellent. Southern Cross itself is also a good series, although the Mospeada portion I really didn’t get into. But still, with a pre-sale price at amazon of $61.99 for the entire series, that’s a marked reduction from the $200 or so that I spend, not 10 years ago. Am I upset? Not at all. Well, unless the new release has the original Japanese dialog. Then I might be a little upset.

If you are new to Robotech and Macross (Japanese common name for the series) then perhaps try “Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do you Remember Love?” which was a theatrical abridgment of the entire first 35 episodes, compressed into 2.

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