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Comic Review: White Suits #4

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The White Suits #4 is here! I was pretty enthused to finally get my hands on this last issue of Barbiere’s tale of Cold War revenge.

The White Suits #4 cover

The White Suits #4 cover image via:

The White Suits #4
Story by: Frank J. Barbiere
Art by: Toby Cypress
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release date: July 2, 2014

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I had a lot of fun reading this mini-series, and I was quite surprised that it was all wrapping up in just 4 short issues, hoping that it would go on for another 4 maybe. I really liked Toby Cypress’s artwork in this series. The way the gray is laid, and the red is spread throughout, it reminds me of a work done in water-color. Very cool! This comicbook is a good representation of how a lack of color actually brings more to the drama and action of a particular story. With The White Suits, it just works, and works well. The over the top body language that Toby’s characters exude is a testament to the level of action and violence in White Suits. So much, that you don’t even need the visual sound effects to here knuckles cracking, and caps popping. If I had a page of his work, it would definitely go in a frame, on my wall.

Barbiere did a great job wrapping this story up in just 4 issues. I’m sure he could have, or wanted to, stretch it out for a little while longer, and I’m a bit sad he didn’t. But, I’m happy with what I got. It was a well told story, that wrapped up nicely, and still left wiggle room for more stories featuring a few characters from The White Suits. The remnants of the Cold War stirring up shit, is always an interesting story device. It will usually incorporate a lot of conspiracy notions, and James Bondesque type operations. Having it happen in America, I felt, upped the tension. But, I never felt like our heroes were hopeless, even when it seemed Frank had written them into a corner. I hope to see an offshoot of this, in the future. As, I’m almost certain it will happen. This was a great book! Thanks for the read, Frank & Toby!

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