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Comic Review: Sons of the Devil #1

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Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante’s Sons of the Devil #1 (from Image Comics) is an uneasy, creepy first issue that’ll have you ready for more.

Sons of the Devil #1


WRITER: Brian Buccellato
ARTIST: Toni Infante
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: May 27, 2015

Sons of the Devil #1 starts with an introduction set in the past. An apparently dangerous situation turns violent when an attempt to save a child goes wrong. Sometime in the future, we meet Travis, a mechanic in Venice Beach, California, who shows up late to work after trying to get bring a lost child home.

There’s a dichotomy there that’s really interesting: we meet Travis in a tender moment in his effort to bring the lost child home, but when he shows up late for work and is reprimanded by his boss, he explodes in a fit of rage. The rest of the issue has this uneasiness over it because of that scene – is Travis dangerous? What’s going on there? The reader can feel the anger simmering just beneath the surface. Buccellato’s done a great job of mixing Travis’ gentle side and his rage in such a way that you don’t quite want to get too close to Travis but you can’t really look away either.

Toni Infante’s art is well suited for this creepy and dangerous comic. It’s full of harsh, jagged lines that feel just as on edge as the events in this first issue. We get muted colors that morph into angry, bright reds when Travis gets angry or a violent situation pops up. The art and writing mix together flawlessly.

Sons of the Devil #1 is a creepy first issue and an interesting look into cults. It brings up A LOT of questions that are mostly unanswered, but I am so intrigued, I’m looking forward to issue #2. These unanswered questions could irritate some people though, so if that’s you, I’d recommend waiting for the trade.

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