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Comic Review: Sinergy by Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma

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With Sinergy, Oeming and Soma give readers a female protagonist who is heading off to college with an ice hockey scholarship and a “hawt” boyfriend—so this demon fighting gig with her dad is kind of an onion in the ointment.

Sinergy #1

Singery #1 cover via Image Comics

Sinergy #1 and #2

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming & Taki Soma
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Colors: Taki Soma
Publisher: Image (Shadowline)
Release date: November 19th and December 10, 2014

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The cover art for Sinergy pulled me in: girl with an ice hockey stick and demons. Oeming’s art style with bold lines and shadows along with Soma’s color blocking create the feel of an animated show. Result: I was intrigued.

Issue #1 opens with a young woman having sex for the first time. It’s totally consensual and kind of a sweet moment between the two young lovers. It’s a bold choice for sure. Jess’s experience goes from tender to scary when she’s startled by the demonic visage of her boyfriend. All that sounds terrible, but it gets worse when her parents barge into her bedroom after hearing her screams. Being caught by your parents right after your first time? Yeah, a tough day for this teenager.

Oeming’s device in Sinergy is the loss of virginity forces a change in Jess that goes beyond “becoming a woman” but coming into her family legacy of demon hunters. Sex as rite of passage is a fairly common trope especially in the supernatural tales. (Most likely I believe that because I consume mostly supernatural horror stuff.)

In issue #2, Jess learns more about her family business and is pulled in different directions by her parents about her future: college or demon hunting. These demons are plotting nefarious plan to rule this kingdom on earth. Both the demons and the hunters are headed for a collision of epic proportions—unless her dad gets arrested. One cop believes he matches the description of a serial killer in Portland.

After reading the first two issues of Sinergy, I feel invested in Jess’s decision whether to go to college or stay home and work the family business. My advice to Jess would be to go to college on your ice hockey scholarship. Plus, Buffy enrolled in college, so college and a job hunting demons do not have to be mutually exclusive activities. I’ll just have to see what Oeming and Soma have in store for Jess in future issues.


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