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Comic Review: Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Perfect Edition Vol. 1

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A gifted young Japanese neurosurgeon is thrown into a torrent whirlwind of suspense and murder after he make s a life and death decision in Monster Perfect Edition Vol. 1. His choice saves a monster.


Monster Perfect Edition Vol. 1
Written: Naoki Urasawa
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: Viz Media

Release date: July 15, 2014

Get a copy of Monster, Vol. 1: The Perfect Edition here.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma has everything he could have ever hoped to achieve after leaving his native country, a rewarding career at a high standing hospital in Germany and the favorable attention of the hospital director. But Dr. Tenma soon realizes that stay in the director and his young beautiful daughter’s favor, he must do things that start go against his code of ethics. The young doctor tries his best to go along with the director and his politics, but one night throws all his endeavors out the window.  A grisly double homicide brings in a set of young twins to the prestige hospital one night. A boy with a bullet through his brain and a girl who may have witnessed the murders but can’t speak. As Dr. Tenma preps for life saving and very complex brain surgery on the boy he is called away to preform surgery on the Mayor. Knowing with out his superior neurosurgery skills the boy wouldn’t survive the surgery he disobeys the hospital directors orders and operates on the twin. The backlash from his insubordination along with the Mayor’s death is swift and Dr. Tenma loses everything he’s achieved in just one night.

The young doctor reacts how most people do when they suffer such a set back, he get stinking drunk. His hangover the next morning is brought in with news of the director and his toady associate’s mysterious death and the twins that had started all this are missing!  Years pass and our brave little neurosurgeon perseveres and continues his work at the hospital, even gaining back the recognition he had lost! But a suspect in a murder investigation is brought into Dr. Tenma’s operating room after sustaining a terrible head wound trailing trouble. The same Inspector that investigated the director of the hospital’s death nine years ago is involved in this case as well–and he has his suspicions of Dr. Tenma. Even more so when the good doctor has a story of a twin boy he saved almost a decade ago is the killer. A killer that the doctor saved and unleashed unto the world. Feeling responsible for the string of murders that seemed to follow his old patient, Dr. Tenma plays detective in order to find out who this young boy was and it. Can a brilliant surgeon stop a monster that he unleashed onto the world be fore he kills again?

Don’t let it’s large size of this volume intimidate you, you’ll fly through Monster Perfect Edition Vol. 1. The suspense of what happens next to the  poor, good-hearted Dr. Tema will have you eating up those pages! Definitely more of a psychological thriller than action manga, but  it’s engaging enough your eyes won’t  roll back into your head during explanation scenes. Monster has such amazingly well-written characters that you’ll gnaw a hole in your lip at the sleazy director while your heart will bleed for the young doctor. Along with a chill of suspense up your spine!  My back is still sore from being so tense while I read this. A nail-biting thriller, Monster Perfect Edition is great manga to get your heart pumping!

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