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Comic Review: Green Wake #1

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I may have given up on crime/cop show type of dramas on TV, but now it’s not when it comes to comic book versions, especially after reading Green Wake.

What happens when it seems a town is forgotten, and at random times a newcomer will wander into this town of misfits? I don’t know, but damn do I like it. When one of the main characters is a frog looking dude, that wears fancy hats and attire, you’ve got me sold. One thing that really stood out for me was the artwork by Riley Rossmo. There are some times when a story sets the tone for the reader, the dark, grimy atmosphere of Green Wake was wonderfully done. This isn’t your bright colors and pages comic, it’s dark, fascinating, gritty and just beautiful. It’s nice to see what great art can look like when you use a color like red, to really make the black stand out. I had no problem with just flipping through the pages after reading the comic just to get one last look at the art. I have to tip my hat to Rossmo.

STORY: 94%
ART: 97%

Though, you have to get credit to Kurtis Wiebe for his great story. I’m finding myself becoming more attracted to the styling of writers like Wiebe. It’s not superheroes blasting the crap out of each other, it’s thoughtful pacing and something that makes you want to dig a little deeper into the meaning of the story. Yes, there are some weird ass looking people in the town, but if they keep it at just that, I’ll be happy. The story basically follows a murder of a recluse who’s found with his lips ripped off. Yeah, doesn’t seem like a good way to die huh? A woman is being sought as the culprit, but just as she skips out on town, a newcomer arrives, and it’s just too much a co-winky dink for our front character, Morley Mack who I really liked. His partner (the before mentioned frog guy) is someone I just want to cut some frames out, and put up the pictures of him in a top hat and fancy dress up. (Rossmo, if you read this, email me!)

Overall, I really dug this first issue, and I can’t wait to see how this develops, I think Image is going to have another hit on their hands.

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