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Comic Review: Drifter #1 – I’m Awesome, But Am I?

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Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein’s Drifter #1 is a contradictory yet interesting first issue of a western/sci-fi series.

Drifter #1


WRITER: Ivan Brandon
ARTIST: Nic Klein
COLORIST: Clem Robins
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2014

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A space traveler crashes on a mysterious planet. He survives the crash, almost drowning, an alien, and a gunshot wound only to find the planet is even darker and troubling. It’s the Old West with an otherworldly twist – bars with swinging doors that serve men with robotic arms.

The first several pages of the issue are packed with action and a thrilling series of panels that document the traveler’s crash and struggle to survive this new-to-him place. The artwork and story mesh to make your heart race as you follow along. Klein’s art is epic and, well… awesome.

The story slows down after the traveler is rescued and settles into a more standard western story. The excitement of the first part of the story, which is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones-style frenzy as the traveler makes it through one threatening situation only to find himself thrust into another, practically comes to a halt. This is disappointing, but Klein’s art somewhat makes up for this. There is also a really obvious inconsistency to the dialogue between the first pages and the rest of the issue. The clean, brisk dialogue of the beginning turns into clumsy, strangely-worded sentences the further along you read.

Drifter #1 is an interesting start to this series. The first half, which is beautifully drawn and well-worded is contradicted by its second half of clumsy dialogue. However, the cliffhanger on the last page intrigued me enough to want to check out the second issue.

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