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Comic Review: Deep State #1 – CONSPIRACIES!

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An X-Files inspired but totally unique comic about conspiracies, Deep State’s first issue intrigued me.


Deep State


WRITER: Justin Jordan
ARTIST: Ariela Kristantina
COLORIST: Ben Wilsonham
LETTERER: Ed Dukeshire
RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2014

Will you get sucked into the conspiracy of Deep State #1? Pick up your own copy and find out.

I’m going to write this review pretending like I know anything about the X-Files, even though I really don’t. Other than the fact that it is about a veteran pro who recruits the help of a younger woman to a team of conspiracy theory investigators, which is exactly what Deep State is about. [Ed. note: Technically Scully is not recruited by Mulder in the X-Files, but brought in to debunk his investigations with her medical and scientific background. But for sure their is some X-Files inspiration in Deep State!] So this comic isn’t exactly unique or super creative in its premise, but it is rather entertaining. I can’t say that it is a spectacular first issue, but it was intriguing enough to draw me into the world.

I wonder if each new issue will deal with a new conspiracy. Either way, the one in this issue is a biggun’: the moon landing that we know of wasn’t the first time man had made it to the moon; not only that, but it is also tied into the mystery of the cosmonauts who disappeared. The two theories are tied together quite well and might have you questioning everything you thought you knew. Conspiracies are pretty much a part of every day life nowadays, but the conspiracy is Deep State’s first issue gives us something new to play with.

Ben Wilsonham’s coloring added to Ariela Kristantina’s artwork makes this issue. My favorite part of the issue is the opening sequence in which a space shuttle descends to Earth. The first few panels are blues and greens, but as the space shuttle enters the atmosphere, it erupts in angry oranges and then settles into a deep black and red. The eyes of the creature that emerges from within are undefined and pale gray. It’s a very cool opening sequence that had me wanting to read more.

Overall, a good issue. Though it doesn’t have a super unique premise, the plot itself was different and intriguing. Plus, those last two pages were a shocker! I’m intrigued enough by the first issue, but I’ll need to read more to see if it’s really worth my time.

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