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Comic Review: Cloaks # 1

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Magic and mystery unite in the new limited series crime-thriller Cloaks from BOOM! Studios.


Cloaks #1
Writers: David Henrie , Caleb Monroe
Artist: Mariano Navarro
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: September 3, 2014

Want some all ages fun? Order Cloaks #1 for your family.

“The Kid” is the star of Cloaks – a savvy and spunky street performer who wears a mask to maintain an air of mystery, and it also keeps him from getting caught by the feds. He’s a magician, who is following in his deceased father’s footsteps, The Kid also doubles as a small-time pickpocket and hardcore hired thief. The Kid never charges for his street shows, which is fine because he is stealing from the very audience that has come to see him. However, he doesn’t use his pickpocket money for wicked purchases. Instead, The Kid funnels it back to the foster home that raised him. The larger jobs, however, are for paid clients who require him to rob the homes of the uber-wealthy. He runs into some trouble, though, when a big job turns out to be a set up. After a few attempts at escaping his foes, The Kid is caught and propositioned by the Feds to join their team and help nab a much bigger fish.

Created by Disney actor, David Henrie (also known as the future son of Ted Mosby on How I Met You Mother), Cloaks is co-written by Caleb Monroe who successfully maps out Henrie’s interesting and unique storyline. Additionally, the arc maintains a Disney type G-rating, and even in the midst of a scuffle the art panels never force vulgar images or violent displays. The Kid is a fun character who comes off less like an egotistical Criss Angel and more of a charming David Blaine. This magician isn’t looking for recognition or even monetary gain, especially considering what he does with his money when he steals it. This young sap looks to honor his dear old dad who himself was known for his magical gifts. Mariano Navarro’s art style was simple but clear and allowed for ease in following Henrie’s more cluttered narrative, which sometimes seemed a bit cheesy. While the story lagged a bit near the end, the cliffhanger teased issue two in way that promises to bring the interest back and hopefully culminate in a satisfying prestige.

Cloaks #1 is a mystical attempt at a first issue, especially for a newbie comic book creator. Now let’s see you pull a rabbit out of your hat.



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