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Comic Review: Bodies #4 – The Longharvest Is Coming!

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After I finish each issue, I think that I’ve almost got Bodies, published by DC’s Vertigo, figured out. Then I get the next issue and writer Si Spencer has me wrinkling my brow in confusion yet again. In a good way.

Bodies Issue 4 Cover

WRITER: Si Spencer
ARTIST: Meghan Hetrick, Dean Ormston, Tula Lotay, Phil Winslade
COLORIST: Lee Loughridge
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty and Taylor Esposito
RELEASE DATE: October 22, 2014

Jump into the Bodies universe! Pick up Bodies #1 (of 8) or if you are reading along with Stefani grab Bodies #4 (of 8)!

We’ve reached the halfway point with issue #4 of Bodies. Si Spencer has set the stage for the big resolution of the miniseries. A fortuneteller in Edmond’s era alludes to the future: “The Longharvest is coming!” In Maplewood’s time, Bounce continues to be strange and ambiguous. Bounce obviously knows more than she’s letting on, but she’s obviously trying to lead Maplewood to the answers, even if Maplewood is unable to get there on her own. The shot she injected her with from the last issue brought her into contact with one of the other detectives.

This issue finds Maplewood chasing her through the HQ of where she’s holed up, discovering information about the world before the Pulsewave (“population reached thirteen billion,” and “cyberwar”). Some of the information seems to be really crucial: Interpol datafile KYAL,trials show the Pulsewave is harmless to animals, and “Margaret Belwood, seven counts of terrorism…status fugitive.” Is Maplewood the one responsible for what has happened to London? A “cavalcade of amnesiacs” approaches, as Bounce tells Maplewood, “Here comes the Long Harvest.”

The Longharvest approaches in two timelines. What the heck is the Longharvest? I cannot wait to see how Spencer combines all of these stories. He’s expertly weaving together FOUR different timelines, characters, and stories. I’m exceedingly impressed with how well Spencer is able to write these four different time periods, including slang from each time as well as crafting his own future world.

I love how Bodies always leaves me curious, confused, and craving the next issue. I kind of saw the end of this issue coming, but as always, I want to know why. Where did that body disappear to? What is going on? I’m looking forward to Issue #5 – out 11/26! Pre-order your own copy of Bodies #5 (of 8).

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