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Comic Book Review: Tales from the Badlands

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I’ve been trying to shy away from comic book reviews lately, maybe it’s just that I’m still burned out from my comic overload a couple of months back, and the fact that I get some 30-60 comic books sent my way every week. I had some time to kill and instead of going through all the stuff from the major publishers I opened up an email that was forwarded to me last night.

Do you like westerns? Neither do I, but I found a couple of the stories in this anthology that made this thing worth writing about.

The first being “Abigail” written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and drawn by Jose Holder. The thing that stood out was that I liked the art by Jose from the beginning. With Blackjack Press being the little guys, I’ll cut them some slack that they don’t have the looks of the big publishers. Also mind you, all the comics are in black and white, and really, fitting of a western in my opinion. If they had color though, this comic would pop and look so damn cool. I liked Abigail because I always have a soft spot for the strong women stereotypes and well, as you’ll find out in the end you just don’t mess with Abigail. I like the writing by David on this one, the guy has a lot of promise and I’d like to see more from him, or this duo.

The other comic I wanted to note was “Easy Livin’ by Sean Fahey and Borja Pena. Hands down, this was my favorite comic in the bunch. Sean lays down a little picture into the life of a trapper in the 1800’s and really, it was a fun read, if all too quick. Caleb is one of those come once a year to town types. He sells his pelts gets some new gear, and does all the usual stuff you do when you get back into civilization. Get drunk, fight, and have sex. I’d like to see more from this character to be honest, and really, I want to see more of Borja’s artwork. If there was one artist that I would have guessed is on some kind of fast track, this guy is it.

STORY: 85%
ART: 83%

There are other comics in this collection; Thicker Than Water
The Runt, A Thousand Deaths. I just stuck with the two that really stood out for me. If you’re interested and really, you should support these guys and buy this comic, since the digital versions of their comics are a far better deal that you’ll get from other digital comic retailers.

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