Colour Me Surprised – Red Faction DLC Has Destruction

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The first trailer for the upcoming Red Faction DLC, Demons Of The Badlands is out and it gives us a little more information about what to expect. The DLC is set 3 years before the events of Red Faction:Guerrilla with you playing as the Marauders (think of the Sand People from Star Wars) against the EDF. The trailer shows off some of the new vehicles such as a big walker with spikes and a new type of car as well as some new weapons and finally some of the new locales, which all fit the Red Faction: Guerrilla colour code just fine. I’d tell you who you play as in the game, but if you haven’t complete the game then it’s a spoiler. Besides, if you look at the screenshots below and watch the video, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out who you’re playing as.The trailer looked exciting enough, now let’s just hope there’s enough content to justify the 800 MS points/$10.


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