Cobra Civil War: GI Joe #6 Mini Review

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The battle between Cobra and the Joes continues and things are starting to get more complex. The two major plot points covered this issue are the capture of the Baroness by the Joes and the Joes discovering all sorts of electronic monitors embedded in the new submarine that they are using as their headquarters. Here’s the problem, they got said submarine from Cobra. I wonder where this is going?

I already have shown my love for all things GI Joe and I am still enjoying the battle to see who will be Cobra Commander, however it is getting harder to keep up with the three different issues (GI Joe, Cobra, Snake Eyes) and tracking what all is happening where since the characters pass between the three issues. This issue also committed one of my personal comic sins, the cover has nothing to do with the story inside (all the Joe comics seem to be guilty of this from time to time). So this wonderful image of Roadblock ready to let off some sort of nuclear bazooka, yeah, didn’t happen.

With that said, I still really like the story. It is getting deeper and more intriguing and six issues in you still have no idea who is going to come out on top in the battle for Cobra Commander and the Joes are being constantly pushed to the edge without any end in sight. It keeps me coming back to find out more.


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