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Chronicle – Trailer

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Found footage movies have become akin to first person shooters in videogames. This one though, looks pretty damn interesting.

Three teenagers who find themselves the recipients of super powers (psychic ones as far as we can tell) are apparently chronicling their rise and subsequent fall as they realize that you don’t have to always use your powers for good.

The movie is being directed by Josh Trank (Big Fan) and incorporates three relatively unknown actors playing the three friends. When I first started watching the trailer I was pretty meh until the cool stuff happens near the end…just watch it and let me know what you think too.

I just find it funny that there are other films and graphic novels that did somewhat the same things. A God Somewhere in particular is a good read about the drunk with power superhero syndrome or even the anime Akira is another great example of psychic powers gone bad.

The film will be out on February 3rd in 2012.

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