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Christmas Around The Corner (kinda)? So is More ‘Prep and Landing’!

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If you’re a parent, your kid may have seen the big hit Prep and Landing that Disney has put out the last couple of years. I’ve watched the first hour long special a million times on my DVR. No Kidding. The second one? A million plus one.

If you don’t know, Prep and Landing is an hour long special about Wayne and Lanny two elves that secretly prep houses for Santa’s arrival. It’s a great little show for kids, and really, it’s just a fun watch, even after you’ve seen it so many times you know it all by heart.

Aside from being on the TV at Christmas time, and you can FINALLYget the original on DVD November 22nd. I know my DVR was nearly crippled last year from replaying the original show and it’s sequel (last years new special).

So what’s the point of posting this a couple of months early? Well, here is what we’ll be getting this year:

Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice, a full-length special premiering on ABC this Christmas! Wayne and Lanny find themselves up to their pointy ears in trouble, as they race to recover classified North Pole technology… which has fallen into the hands of a computer-hacking Naughty Kid! Now they must turn to a Coal Elf named Noel in order to prevent Christmas from falling into chaos.

The fun thing is that next month you’ll be able to see Wayne and Lanny in the Marvel Universe! Who are they prepping for Santa?

Well, Just look at the three comics they’ll be landing in.

  • · Avengers #19
  • · Super-Heroes #20
  • · Spider-Man #20

    Yup, they’ll be invading The Avengers compound, it should be fun, and I know for sure I’ll have to try and pick up these comics for my kids to enjoy.

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