Chew #13 Second Printing.

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Let me start off by saying that I love reprints! And this is the second printing of Chew #13. If it weren’t for reprints I never would have picked up this comic. I tend to be a completionist, and like to read books from the beginning when possible. I was lucky enough to pick up the fourth printing of the first issue, the third printing of second issue, and the second printing of the third issue. So when I hear about reprints of this book it makes me happy, because it means a chance for more people to read this book.

Chew is about Tony Chu. Tony is Cibopathic “that means he can take a bite of a piece of food, and get a feeling about how it was raised, where it grew or how it was harvested. Or what meat it’s made from.” The only thing he can eat without these effects are beets. Due to his special ability he is employed by the FDA to track down illegal/black market chicken trafficking. Chicken has been outlawed due to bird flu. Savoy is a former FDA agent gone rouge. But the real story of this issue is- Fricken. Fricken is a new chicken substitute developed by a man named Montero it being a cross between frogs and chicken. In this issue Tony’s former partner Savoy makes his long awaited return. Savoy believes Montero may be responsible for bird flu, and if not responsible, knew it was coming.

This issue is written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory. I have loved every single issue of this comic, it just keeps getting better and better. Chew is $2.99. This is the best comic you aren’t reading.

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