Catwoman playable in Arkham City

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There may not be any co-op or multiplayer modes in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, but you won’t just have to play as The Dark Knight. Gamespot were lucky enough to get a hands on with the game before E3 next week, where Rocksteady showed off a playable Catwoman in the story mode, rather than just an extra character in challenge mode as was the case with The Joker on the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

After showing off Batman in a demo, Rocksteady went to a cat surrounded roof where an option called “take a break” appeared. A cutscene is initiated when the option is selected and Batman swaps out for Catwoman. What’s good to hear is that she won’t just be a Batman skin, as she’ll have her own set of combat moves and will control differently, especially when it comes to travelling. There is even a scoring system for how well players move Catwoman across rooftops and through Arkham.

Catwoman will also have a similar function to Batman’s detective mode which shows her what to steal and what factors will make it easier to do so. She won’t be a major part of the game in terms of being playable (Rocksteady claim she makes up about 10% of the game), but she will have her own mini-story with her own missions and can even gain upgrades and unique Riddler trophies that Batman can’t obtain. With Rocksteady claiming the game is 20+ hours, it’ll help to keep things fresh if you get to switch between Bats and Cats throughout the story. Hopefully as much care is put into her sections though, otherwise they would become an annoyance that have to be begrudgingly played through.

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