Ryan Wilson

Catherine – “Nightmare” Trailer

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While I’m already quite far in the import copy already, it’s nice to finally get a glimpse at what the hell is going on!

Catherine is unlike anything else I’ve ever played. A quick look at the boxart makes you think it’s one of those “sexy games”. You know the kind. The ones you need to provide proof of age before you special order. Catherine isn’t that.

Well, it sort of is. There are School Days levels of frightening love triangle going on in this game…and that’s even without understanding the cutscene dialog! The real bulk of the game accomplishes the impossible, making a puzzle game scary. Sure we had puzzles in such survival-horror series as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower to break up the tension, but Catherine is ALL puzzle.

If the trailer above doesn’t convince you to buy this game when it releases on July 26th, then I’m convinced nothing will. For me, I’ve already got the special edition preordered (gotta love free underpants)

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