Alan Smithee

Castle Crashers Screwed Me

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I loved this game. I really really loved this game. You’ll notice that I’ve put that in the past tense. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this game for me, it still is probably the best side-scrolling beat ’em up game ever. Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin made a great game, but I have to warn you guys. You better pray that you never get a RRoD if you’re a huge Castle Crashers fan.

I got a red-ring of death about 2 weeks ago and sent in my Xbox 360 to have it serviced. I got it back last night and proceeded to hook the HDD and all the necessary cables back into the system. Once I got the Xbox cranked up and going, I had to do some simple configuring and proceeded to my XBLA screen and realized how much I missed my Xbox.

I had tons of games that I could play, but what I really missed more than any game on my Xbox was Castle Crashers.

The game came up just fine, there was the usual giant rooster and the avatars of Tom and Dan high-fiving leading up to the title screen, everything seemed great. It was when I went into the single player game mode of Castle Crashers that I noticed that all of my characters which I had spent hours upon hours upon days leveling up to insane level 70+ behemoths were gone, just gone!

Every single character that I had unlocked by beating the game multiple times, all of my animal orbs, my weapon collection, and my huge pile of cash that I was sitting on…was just non-existent. It was as if I had just bought the game and was a complete neophyte.

I tried resetting, I tried re-downloading the game, I even tried looking in the memory section of the menu; there was nothing that I could do. All of that work gone! I checked with a few other games I have that I spent hours and hours on and luckily those were still fine, it was JUST Castle Crashers. That to me is just strange.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll go back and play through this game for another 50+ hours, I’m just mad that it happened. It’s probably not anyone from The Behemoth or Newgrounds’s fault…I just hope that other users out there don’t have this happen to them too.

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