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Captain America: The Winter Soldier-Reviewing a Marvel Masterpiece

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Best….Marvel Movie….Ever….

Yes you just read that right, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best movie Marvel has done to date, and that includes The Avengers. As good as Marvel’s Phase two has been, I really didn’t think any of it’s stand alone films would ever be able to match the excitement or jaw dropping moments of The Avengers, I was wrong. Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie blew my mind. The action alone tops anything I have ever seen in a comic movie, but it’s the great story and the fully developed characters that really helps put this movie at the top of the Marvel mountain. Part spy thriller, part action adventure, Captain America’s second solo film is an epic two hour and sixteen minute edge of your seat thrill ride that redefines what a superhero movie is capable of.

Based on the classic Ed Brubaker comic with the same name, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a direct sequel to both Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers. It starts with Captain America (Chris Evan) partnered up with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), running missions for Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and S.H.I.E.L.D. When events unfold that cause the good Captain to question Fury’s motives, Nick is forced to reveal what S.H.I.E.L.D is really up to. They are building four automated, heavy armed, helicarriers capable of stopping threats before they even start. It doesn’t take Captain America’s unwavering sense of right and wrong long to figure out this is a bad idea. When Fury is later attacked, Steve Rogers will have to enlist the help of his new friend Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) to help stop a relentless assassin known only as The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and uncover who the real enemy is and what their plan is before its too late. Now there is a lot more to this movie than that, but honestly, I really don’t want to spoil any of the surprises. Just know that The Winter Soldier has a fast paced, exciting story, that combined with it’s excellent script pops with energy and intelligence. This isn’t just a great comic story, it’s really a fantastic movie.

What I can tell you without giving anything away is that this is one of the best action movies you’ll ever see. Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-The-Winter-Soldier The high octane tone is set immediately with a sea rescue mission that shows right from the get go that this is a different Captain America. Steve Rogers is a one of a kind super soldier, and Directors Anthony and Joe Russo want to make sure you know it. The Steve Rogers from the other previous films, that we only ever glimpsed moments of greatness from, is gone. Replaced instead with a one man army that puts Jason Bourne or any other so called action icon to shame. This is the Captain America that any fan has always wanted to see, and any non-fan never knew could be so awesome. Which is good because he is facing The Winter Soldier, an unrelenting, ruthless, killing machine, who happens to be just as skilled as the Captain, and also might be my favorite new Marvel movie character. The hand to hand fight scenes between these two in particular is simply epic. Truthfully, every action sequence or choreographed fight scene is amazing to watch. Each one is better than the one before, and the directors switch up between car chases, hand to hand, air battles, and so on, so frequently that the action stays fresh and never threatens to become too much. Plus the way they have Cap throw and use his shield in this……….so damn awesome.

I’ll admit that before they were tapped to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I hadn’t heard of Anthony or Joe Russo. With only a few movie and television credits to their name, I wondered if they had the experience or ability to make not only a Marvel movie, but to make a great sequel to movie that a lot of people considered the worst of the originals. I think its safe to say that no one will ever ask that question again. The movie they made not only shattered my expectations for a Captain America sequel, it showed that Marvel films can get even better. The Russo’s managed to do what other films hadn’t by fully developing the characters of Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. ca-the-winter-soldier06-1024x682 Plus they managed to give us the biggest and most game changing event yet of the Marvel cinematic universe, all while introducing great new characters like the Winter Soldier and Falcon. With how good this movie turned out, it’s no surprise that they’ve already been hired to direct Captain America 3.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is simply amazing. The way it speeds up the unbelievable action to an almost frenzied pace, only to slow it down to a crawl as it takes just the right amount of time to make sure you are fully invested in the characters and the story, is nothing short of fantastic. This movie will be the new standard that we judge future comic book movies by, it’s that good. As great as the Marvel films are, they tend to just be good movies filled with epic moments. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the first Marvel movie that’s epic moment is the entire film, start to finish, and even as awesome as Avengers was, that’s something not even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can claim.

Also, as usual for Marvel films there are two post credit scenes. Both are a must see.

I give Captain America: The Winter Soldier 9.9/10 reasons that Steve Rogers will always be the greatest Avenger.

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