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Caprica on SyFy: Just as good as Battlestar Galactica

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If you are expecting Space battles, Masses of Cylons, Gun fights and serious politicking you are missing what was the core of Battlestar Galactica, the characters.

Caprica is ‘grounded’ in a sense, taking place in the capital of the planet that bears the shows name, if you were a legit Battlestar Galactica fan, you know what it is.   Set 58 years before BSG and centered on two main families, the Graystones and Adamas it starts with a bang, and holds you close.

Daniel Graystone is a computer genius and is working on an advanced A.I. technology, here is where we get a glimpse of the first Cylon model, not fully operational because Daniel can’t seem to make that next big step to make it the Cylons we all know and love.

Joseph Adama, a criminal defense attorney and father of future Battlestar Admiral William Adama is a new twist on someone who was spoken so highly of by the characters in Battlestar Galactica.  We get to see “The Old Man” (William Adama) as a kid pulling jobs for his family, who by all appearances are brutal Tauron gangsters.  Joseph appears in as lock and step with the gangsters as his brother Sam, who looks to serve as the family bad-ass assassin.

The two families cross paths when a bomb explosion was done on a packed commuter train by Soldiers of the One, a group who beleives in the one true God, and not the Gods of Kobol.  Both families lost loved ones, and both have very, very different ways of grieving.  Graystone and Adama briefly team up in despair and desperation at trying to reconnect with those they lost.  When the results of their labor is revealed the two part as quickly and the line in the sand is drawn between them.

The episodes so far have been building one upon the other.  It is focused, and heavy on character development which is something you just do not get now days in TV writing.  Zoe (Alessandra Toressani) , Daniel Graystones daughter, turned first Cylon does an incredible job of handling a part that requires layers of subtly and deception.
You can pick up the pilot on DVD already, as it was released a while ago, Syfy.com has full episodes to be watched, as does Hulu.com, don’t pirate, support the show!

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