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Buzzkill #3, Dark Horse Comics Review

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12 step program from hero to zero.

Plot by Donny Cates Mark Reznicek

Script by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Published by Dark Horse

Price 3.99$


Wikipedia says Twelve-Step Program is “a set of guiding principles (accepted by members as ‘spiritual principles,’ based on the approved literature) outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems.” But what about superheros that get their powers from those addictions? “Reuben,” our narrator, gains super abilities when he drinks or does drugs, and not the drunken invulnerability we think we get. Real supernatural powers. It’s every frat boy, dude bro’s dream.

I am so tickled by this concept for a super hero and surprised I haven’t heard about a character like this sooner. Alcohol gives you super hero strength, nicotine heals you? How would you not be messed up all the time?! (hell makes me want a beer right now) This concept is fun but the characters really make this comic top notch. Reuben’s just a beaten down sad sack of a man when’s he’s sober. Your heart goes out to him as he tries to put his life back together and make amends with his former “Super team” and ex-girlfriend. You don’t feel too forlorn for long as his sponsor, a teleporting crack pot mage , follows him about being a general weirdo which cracked me up. His Super Team, while only appeared for a page or two, seemed to be comprised of interesting characters. Even though almost of none of them had any lines I couldn’t stop wondering what their story was.

This one was so fun, I went out and got the first 2 issues and I’m definitely marking my calendar when the last one comes out. Great writing and art style, I think just about anyone who picks this up will get a kick out of it. I’m bummed this is just a mini-series, I would love to see more of these characters and hear a little bit more back story about this lot. Maybe a spin off of the Super Team? I’m putting this creative team on my radar.

5 out of 5 empty beer bottles! *hic*

Buy it for yourself: Buzzkill #3 (of 4)

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