Businessman dares to diss Flash Gordon…in front of BRIAN BLESSED

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This story has no relevance to anything whatsoever, but here at WPR we make a special exception for anything BRIAN BLESSED related. The veteran actor was due to make a speech at a dinner for the Federation of Wholesale Distributors last Thursday. However, just before he was going to take the stage, a businessman sitting at the same table had the audacity to make a comment that Flash Gordon, the film that BLESSED is well known for, was crap. Immediately, BLESSED grabbed this foolish bloke by the throat and said “I AM NOT STANDING FOR THIS!” before walking out of the dinner and not returning. That’s all there is to say about this. You might feel a little pity for this businessman. Clearly he must have had one too many drinks, because any sober person wouldn’t dare to go against the gospel truth of BLESSED. Besides, why would you want to slag a film off that features one of the best over-actors in the universe, with a quite frankly, epic beard and booming voice to match? He’s just lucky that BLESSED only choked him. In other BLESSED related news, the campaign for a BRIAN BLESSED voice for TomTom devices came to an end recently as the voice is now available for £7.95. That might sound a bit steep, but then you’ll have the honour of owning the best GPS voice in existence for life, so it’s actually a very fair deal. You should be blessed that he even offered his voice.

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