Jill Seale

Bullet Heaven: Jamestown Now Available on Steam

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If you’ve got a hankering for some beautiful old school pixel art, a great soundtrack, and some 4-player co-op, bullet hell action, Jamestown has got you covered. Final Form Games first outing into the wide, bearded world of independent games is now on sale via Steam, Direct2Drive and Gamersgate (but you know you’re going to get it on Steam), and for a limited time it’s 10% off, hitting you in the pocket for the paltry sum of $8.99.

I’ve played a good bit of it, and so far I’m very pleased. Despite the fact that I’m horrible at shmups, there’s a lot to love about Jamestown: The powerup system is unique, flexible, and fun to use; the graphics are great; and the plot is just insane enough to be awesome (Who doesn’t want an alternate time line 1600’s where the British colonies on Mars declare independence?). The only downside to the game so far is that there is no online co-op, so I hope you know some actual people that want to get down on a shmup with you. If not, it’s still fun single player. Check it out here, here, or maybe here.

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