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We Built this City on Rock N Roll… and Murder. Grayson #7, Reviewed

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This is not your typical big hair, spandex wearing, and leopard print concert. But this show kills it.

Grayson 7

Cover Artist: MIKEL JANIN
Publisher: DC COMICS
Release Date: FEB 4 2015
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So have you ever gone to a concert so good that you just wanted to murder everybody? Ha ha ha yeah me neither. But I hear that Sin of Silence throws one hell of a show.

Helena, being the amazing spy that she is, has tapped into Dick’s Hypno and can see that he is well and alive. Despite all that though now Dick has to find a way to convince the Gardner to let him go so he can save the day. Not only does he accomplish this but makes an ally with Midnighter. So as the two make their grand entrance, they seem to find themselves in mid concert/full blown warfare. The only thing they can do is try and get to the brain and stop it from transmitting evil “brainwaves”. Dick finds Helena there and tells her the plan to stop the brain. She is having trouble concentrating though, she needs to find a way to clear her mind. So she does what any other secret agent would do.

Kiss Dick Grayson.

With a little less rage in her heart she is able to help clear a path for Dick to get to the brain. Although unsure of everything going on at this point, Dick makes it to the stage. And with a guitar smashing performance he does what he does best. Saves the day. Dick and Helena get back to Spyral and to work, while Midnighter returns to the Gardner to decide his future with or without her.

What “the Brain” does is emit waves of rage and make good people do awful things. It kind of makes you wonder about the people or person that was there that it had no effect on. Why was Mr. Minos not affected by the brain? Who was he there for?

Can I just say how much I love Stephen Mooney (artist) and Jeromy Cox (colorist)? The facial expressions in this issue are just amazing. Mooney does a great job at capturing pain, rage, sorrow, and surprise so well and in great detail. With having such a great outline to follow, Cox brings a swarm of color to feel those emotions pictured. Tim Seeley does a great job at keeping the story going but throws in some lighthearted jokes to keep the brain from taking complete control of you and sending you into a fit of rage. I have got to say, this has been one of the most interesting rock shows I’ve ever been to.

Dick pic of the day.

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