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Bridesmaids Is Not ‘The Hangover’

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Everyone has been telling me about this connection. The Bridesmaids movie is a “girls Hangover” movie. It’s “Really Funny!” or “Boys like it too!”. I thought the movie was none of that and had nothing in likeness to The Hangover. I didn’t like it, which apparently has made people give me weird looks.

I told my wife when we went to see this, my expectations were already dead low, this is even after her gushing review after seeing it the first time (Somehow, we couldn’t see Thor instead). The movie stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph two best friends forever who live apart now. Maya Rudolph (Lillian) gets engaged, and Kristen Wiig (Annie) is the Maid of Honor. Rose Byrne (I forget her characters name, let’s call her Miss FancyPants, or Miss FP for short, no, MFP for super short) is the friend Lillian hangs out with all the time now, and is desperately needy for attention, like Annie. OH THE HILARITY! Maybe I’m just mad because that Wilson Phillips song has been stuck in my head since.

I’ll try not to be a jerkface the whole time.

I think I just had my SNL blinders on the whole episode, seeing Wiig and Rudolph on the screen probably put me into a no funny bones kind of mood. Granted some scenes were good, and got a nice rise out of me, but most of the jokes and antics just fell flat for me. I laughed my ass off when Annie was trying to get the attention of the cop that she had scorned while he was parked on the side of the road. All the antics she pulled to get his attention, which he all ignored until she rammed her car into his. That was a good scene, even more-so because I think my wife nearly fell out of her seat laughing at it for the second time.

I will say that I was nearly waiting in anticipation of Melissa McCarthy to arrive in every scene. If there was one reason to see this movie again, it would be to just watch her knock every line out of the ballpark with just how amazing of a job she did on this movie. I’ve yet to watch that Mike & Molly show that she stars in, but damn will I not miss an episode of that next season now. I knew she was a good actress from Gilmore Girls (Hey, I’m married! It’s the only reason I’ve seen them!) but seeing her with no make up, playing a you never know what they’re going to do/say character was damn funny. Her interacting with the Air Marshal (her husband in real life) just put a nail in the coffin that she should just have her own movie. I won’t spoil it, but the scene at the end involving sex and sandwiches? Amazing. Oh, the scene where she takes the nine puppies that were a party favor for the bridal shower? Hilarious. I can’t give her enough praise for how well she sold me as an actress in this movie, she literally stole every scene she was in.

I just don’t see how this movie even compared to Mike Tyson, Naked Asian man full frontal hopping out of a car trunk, and the Wolfpack speech even compares to pooping in a sink and middle of the road in nice wedding dresses, bridal shower meltdowns, and Jon Hamm being a fuck buddy. I’m sorry, this movie just didn’t do anything for me. Maybe I don’t “Get it” because I’m a guy, but all the guys I know that saw it, think I’m over-reacting to the movie. So yeah, if you don’t have SNL blinders and can watch a comedy about wedding and Bridesmaids, go for it. If you want to see something that I think is a superior product, rent The Hangover.

And with that, I leave you on the Wolfpack Speech.

The Hangover – One Man Wolf Pack Speech by BruceFan

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