Brian K Vaughan not returning for Lost Season 6

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Brian K Vaughan is hands down one of my favorite writers, and by the looks of it one of the most wanted writers in Hollywood.  His comic book series, Runaways is currently filming and his monster hit Y: The Last Man is being fast tracked to development starring Shia La Beouf and directed by D J Caruso.  He’s so popular in fact that he’s decided not to return to the final season of Lost which starts production next month.  For me and other Lost fans this is pretty big news, Vaughan has been with the show since mid way through series 3 and has helped bring the show back on track after the rocky start to the third season.  Not only that he wrote one of my favourite episodes of Lost and perhaps television ever, The Constant.  It’ll be interesting to see how the shows final season shapes up with his departure and I’m hoping he’s left some good ideas behind to wrap the story up.

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