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Boycott AMC and Regal IMAX Theatres

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Comedian/Actor Aziz Ansari wants you to know that if you go to see IMAX at any AMC or Regal theatres…you might be getting ripped off and not even know it.

You see, when you go to an IMAX theatre showing of a movie, the auditorium is supposed to be super-massive and the screen should measure about 23 x 30 meters (approx 80 x 100 ft). Apparently the companies think that they can charge the additional $5 for a ticket to a ‘IMAX’ screening and not have anyone notice.

Well unfortunately for AMC, Azis did notice. He proceeded to raise hell to the management that he was conned out of his money and demanded a refund…but he does a better job of telling the story.

At the AMC theatre this was my experience at guest services:

Aziz: Yes, I’d like my $5 back. I paid $5 extra for an IMAX screen and that’s not nearly as big as what I have known IMAX to be.
Guest Services: I can’t sir. Its IMAX quality picture and sound.
Aziz: But the screen isn’t big, that’s the whole reason I pay $5 more for IMAX.
Guest Services: Well sir, you watched the whole movie, you could have come out and we could have given you tickets to a different one.
Aziz: Why would I do that? I’d leave Star Trek, the movie I wanted to see and you’d give me a ticket for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past? Oh yeah that’s fair! No, you need to give me the $5 back, its the principle of it. Can I see a manager?

Manager: Sir, we can’t refund the money, you saw the whole film.
Aziz: I don’t want $15, I just want $5 cause AMC lied about IMAX.
Manager: Sir, I can give you popcorn and a drink.
Aziz: I don’t want to go home and drink a nasty soda and eat nasty ass popcorn. I want my $5 back. Its not about the money, its the principle of the matter, ITS NOT IMAX.
Manager: Sorry, I can’t do anything.
Aziz: You know what Twitter is? I have 25,000 followers, I’m tell 25,000 people you run fake IMAX’s and that they should boycott AMC.
Manager: I don’t really care sir.
Aziz: Yeah, I wouldn’t care either if I worked here, but you know you are in the wrong! You should give me $5!!
Manager: Ok here’s two free passes.

I don’t like seeing people get ripped off either, so if you are going to an IMAX showing of any kind, please make sure its a REAL IMAX experience and not some cheap knockoff that the theatre can use to fleece you out of money, or better yet…avoid Regal and AMC altogether.

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