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Book Review, Runescape: Betrayal at Falador, By TS Church

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From the back cover: In the kingdom of Asgarnia, the Knights of Falador are beacons of order and chivalry, but their dominance is threatened by the forces of chaos which plot to shatter the time of peace.

When a mysterious young woman suddenly appears in the city of Falador in the teeth of a storm, her arrival launches a chain of events that will alter the fate of the kingdom forever.

Unless the knights can solve the riddle of Kara-Meir, everything they hold dear may be lost.

I think this book sat on my desk for a couple of weeks before I even went beyond reading what the description on the back cover said to me. I’ll admit, I’m weary of books based off of games, especially, based off of an MMO. The books that were based off of Halo franchise weren’t that bad, I consider them the best adaptations, but still, they wouldn’t crack my top 25 list. So, after much trepidation, how does this Runescape novel hold up?

It was alright at best. Yeah, that’s a crappy way to put it, but I couldn’t muster up a different word. There are some things that I liked and didn’t like about the book for the sake of if the author ever stumbles upon this review, I’ll do the dislikes first. It’ll be like a band-aid that you have to tear off your hairy arm. Get it done quickly so that pain isn’t that bad. One, it took way too long for it to get to some real action. I know it’s called character building to have a lead up to big battles and such, but if memory serves me correctly it was about ¾ of the way through the book before we had a major fight between the main bad guys and the good guys at the Citadel in the woods. That is just way too long for me. It took me a week to get to that point, I’d read a couple of quick character building chapters and then put the book down. Coming back to read usually the next night after everyone was put to bed. Once I got there though, I didn’t stop reading till I finished. So if there is something that TS Church needs to do more of, is get to the action, and then keep it flowing. He’s good on that front, and is a strength to stick with.

Now. I know he probably had to stick to the names given to him by the gaming company, but like any good MMO most of the country names are a good snicker for us with a slightly immature mind. I don’t know why, but I just seem to think that games always have the worse names for things, or it’s so obvious they were trying too hard. I can’t really fault the author for this, because I don’t think it really likes on his court. What WAS in his court was the final battle, which I actually really enjoyed. I loved the city combat, defending walls, maintaining breaches, being overrun. Then finding some way to tilt the odds in your favor, the siege of Falador was nicely done from beginning to end. Even the little side story of the traitor who was giving the opposing enemy army secrets to destroy the city wasn’t deterring from the main event, but adding to it.

That is really my honest thoughts about the book, slow to start, you have to wade through the middle, but then it’s clear sailing at the end. There is a second book based off the game also written by TS Church from Titan Press coming soon. I’m actually going to give it a shot, only because I’m curious to have something to compare too. Hopefully we get the writing that was at the end of this book all through the second, because if we do, it’ll be a great read. This one though, if you are a fan of Runescape, I definitely think you should pick it up, it’ll add to your perspective of the game. If you aren’t a fan, but if you love fantasy, you have to at least give it a try. It’s worthy of that, a try.

Score: $5.99/$7.99
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