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Every time I pick up a new issue of Bodies, I get sucked right back in to its crazy, confusing, amazing world and it leaves me ready for more. Why are there only two issues left?

Bodies #6


WRITER: Si Spencer
ARTIST: Meghan Hetrick, Dean Ormston, Tula Lotay, Phil Winslade
COLORIST: Lee Loughridge
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty and Taylor Esposito
RELEASE DATE: December 24, 2014

We hope you are reading a long with us! Order Bodies #6 (of 8) and the concluding issues Bodies #7 (of 8) and Bodies #8 (of 8).

As soon as I finished reading Bodies #6, I tweeted writer Si Spencer and said this:

Here I am half an hour later STILL not sure what happened. This is what I know: At the end of Bodies #5, the murder victim (yes, as in, he was DEAD) showed to greet all of our detectives, confessing to his own murder in the 2014 timeline. I was like, “Great! He’ll finally tell us what the heck is going on.” That wasn’t too crazy of me to think, right? Well, apparently it was, because instead of being a victim, he’s a psycho, a nightmare, a terrifying addition to our already confusing world.

Each time period ends with an exciting, attention-grabbing, confusing, and amazing splash page. Shahara has been blown up (?? I have no idea what’s happening), Hillinghead is falling through a glass ceiling (pushed by non-other than our “victim”), and Maplewood realizes who she really is. But my favorite (and also the most terrifying) is Phil Winslade’s splash page for the 1940 timeline: Inspector Whiteman probably won’t be a detective any longer. It’s brutal, mesmerizing, scary, and so, so good. There really are no words to describe this page, except to say that if you haven’t been reading Bodies, you should probably pick them up.

I still have no idea what happened in this issue and no idea what’s going to happen next. That’s exactly why I like this comic. Si Spencer has created an elaborate and crazy story that keeps getting better with each issue. I cannot believe there are only two issues left of Bodies (how will this wrap up??).

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