Evan Burkey

Blizzard Announces New World Of Warcraft Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

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Yeah, I play World of Warcraft. Deal with it. And I’m freaking excited for this new expansion, because Pandas.

In the opening ceremony for Blizzcon 2011, the new expansion for WoW was announced. It will be called Mists of Pandaria. The features include:

  • New talent system
  • Playable Pandaren race
  • New Pandaria region
  • New Monk class
  • Level cap increased to 90
  • Dungeon challenge mode
  • Pve Scentarios
  • Pet Battle System
  • Well, I’m stoked. Of course, knowing Blizzard Time™, it will be 2017 before the expansion comes out… and us addicts will wait with bated breath.

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