Bill And Ted 3 Script Nearly Finished Says Keanu

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File this one under if not sure if want. Speaking to MTV while promoting his latest film, Keanu Reeves revealed that the script for a third Bill and Ted film is only about six weeks away from completion. It’s being written by the original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.

Keanu also gave us a little hint about the basic plot details. At the end of Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted write the song that saves the world during the credits sequence. However, much like how in that film Wyld Stallyns hadn’t yet became rock stars, the two will still be trying to write the song in the hypothetical third film. Then apparently there’s an element of time travel Keanu says.

The most offputting thing about this is not the fact of the film existing, but that they’re only now working on it, 20 years after Bogus Journey was released. First off there’s the age problem. We all know Keanu Reeves is eternally young, but still, him and Alex Winter are 46 and 45 respectively. For the characters of Bill and Ted, it would seem silly if they were still acting that goofy in their 40s, nevermind the fact that they still wouldn’t have saved the world 20 years after the events of Bogus Journey. There’s also the fact that they’d probably have kids with the “babes”, and that creates more writing troubles. Secondly, George Carlin is dead, and how can you have a Bill and Ted film without Rufus? With time travel, you could have a young Rufus, but it wouldn’t be the same. Neither would giving him the Marlon Brando treatment like in Superman Returns.

Still, I’d like to remain cautiously optimistic about it. It’s the same deal with the potential Ghostbusters 3. It could either be good, or just be a complete mess that is only there for nostalgic appeal. And that would be bogus.

Source: MTV News

PS: Death needs to be in it somehow.

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