Big Popa’s Weekend Anthem: F*ck the Po-Po

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I hope all of you are feeling a little TGIF like I am. I’m telling you, four hours of pool and 7 out of 11 victories combined with 7 delicious beers puts me in the mood for more tonight. So here’s a new weekly feature for all you party animals that need something to help ya get going.

The first ever Big Popa Anthem is ‘Fuck the Po Po’ by Corey Smith. I first heard about this guy way back in April of 2008 at a local concert. After hearing his songs about getting head while driving, drinking constantly, wishing he was 21 again and his incredibly moving song about a soldier’s dying wish, I was hooked. I ordered all of his albums off his website for $20 (that’s four albums by the way). Too bad this song wasn’t on any of them because it’s too much fun not to sing to yourself. Enjoy.

Pretty good huh? Also, if you hit the button below, there’s a little surprise bonus song for you. I guarantee you will enjoy it. Have a good weekend all of you!!

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