Jill Seale

Better Check Those Forum Signatures: Mygamercard.net Closes Its Doors

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You’ll have to find a new way to show everyone online how much you’ve played Barbie Horse Adventures, because as of yesterday, Mygamercard.net is no more. Founder Jason Young, or Morgon, states competing sites using evil, black computer magic and Microsoft’s complete lack of action to stop this, as well as declining advertising revenue as the reasons for the site’s abrupt shutdown. According to Young, he’s been paying half the cost of the 5 servers that handle the “thirteen million daily requests” for over a year. I expect that is not cheap in the slightest.

I completely understand Young’s reasons for shutting the site down, and it is his prerogative to do so, but it does seem like he has a flair for the dramatic. Surely there were other options, rather than just saying, “Oh it’s over. Blame Microsoft.” and changing everyone’s gamercards to a tombstone reading “R.I.P Mygamercard.net 2005-2011”.

I expect we haven’t heard the last of Mygamercard.net. This seems like a ploy for attention, attention that will definitely be garnered as millions of Xbox fans see their lovingly crafted forum signatures tarnished and begin to collectively cry about how much their butts hurt.

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