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Best Buy To Make @Gamer Magazine

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maybe this buy, isn't so best this time around.

Best Buy, in all of their infinite knowledge has decided that it would be a ‘good idea’ to make a foray into the video game magazine business. The question is…does anyone really give a shit?

With the way that EGM went of print last year and how GameInformer is essentially a free with purchase of a discount card at GameStop, I personally don’t see how the guys who run Best Buy thinking that this would be a smart thing to do.

I could probably understand having a gaming blog as a front for the company and such, but seriously, a PRINT magazine? This isn’t the early 90s when everyone and their uncle owned a gaming magazine and when I used to have 6-7 subscriptions each year and every EGM was 500+ pages thick.

The magazine will be published by Future US (part of the Future Plus group) and will be aptly titled @Gamer. Besides the fact that the name isn’t a good choice (see below), nobody really subscribes to magazines like they used to…it’s called the internet, the 24/7 news cycle, and the blogosphere.

Now, the name…I say it’s a bad choice because all of us in the Web 2.5 culture we live in know that when you put @ in front of a name, you’re replying to them on Twitter and guess what…a guy named Gamer already exists on Twitter. Way to be guys (in suits) making these decisions.

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