Being Human

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Do you have plans for July 20th-24?  Better cancel them.  BBC and BBC America have your plans for you right here:  Being Human Season 1 is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 20th.  Then, on July 24, BBC America will be showing the first episode of Season 2.  That should keep you busy.

The word from the other side of the pond is that Being Human Season 1 was the best series of 2008 (yes, better than David Tenant’s last full season Dr. Who).  That means you will want to catch up with all six episodes of the first season (and the pilot with two different actors of the core three) before you decide if the second season is a sophomore slump or not as it begins airing on BBC America.  More importantly, you will be able to see the original before the SyFy version comes out this fall.  (The third BBC season will hopefully be in production soon.)

Be sure to check out BBC America’s website for videos and more information:

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