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Behind Schedule: Scribblenauts Review for Nintendo DS

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I don’t really buy games anymore, ever.  Thankfully, there are two days a year where people feel they are compelled to purchase things for me.  Recently, I had a birthday and on the day before, I wrote out a list of things I wanted since apparently everyone was shopping late for me.  Scribblenauts was on the list because I like to think I have a thing for words and well, it seemed up my alley.  Can you really write out whatever word you think that may help you solve a puzzle and have what you wrote appear on the screen to help your avatar?

I’ve been really surprised with with I’ve been able to pull off with this game.  After being sufficiently stumped on one puzzle, trying to earn the Starites to get me past the level.  In frustration I put in the word SCIENCE.  We all know Science! can solve any problem right!? Expecting nothing to happen, I was staring at my screen with raised eyebrows when a big machine looking contraption popped above my Avatar.  What happens when you use the pen to click on SCIENCE in Scribblenauts? A black hole forms and kills you!  After a chuckle, the relief on my brain must have dislodged something because I was able to get past the level easy enough on the next go around.
The free form you get with this game is amazing, I’ve literally been trying the most difficult and weird ways to end a level possible.  For example, I need to get over onto a ledge that was too high above me, I could have written the word Ladder, and climbed up it to move along.  No, not me.  I wrote Bike, glue, rocket, and ramp.  Attempted to glue the rocket to the bike, and then propel myself to the ramp and launch over to the other side.  It didn’t quite work out as planned since the rocket kept exploding on the bike!  Still, it is so much fun.  My very first level I played, there was a Police Man, Fire Man, Doctor, and Chef.  You had to write two words of “Things they can use” I wrote Pot, and gave it to the Chef, and then put Baton for the Police Man.  Though, I accidentally ended up EQUIPPING the Baton for myself, and after clicking on the policeman, BEAT HIM TO DEATH.  This caused me to lose the level and have to restart, but going into a game with that kind of hilarity, I know this is something I’ll be playing for a long time.

I’m giving it a score of it being worth $30 of the $30 price tag. Go buy it now, you really shouldn’t keep waiting for this thing to hit the bargain bin.

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