Battlefield 3 full GDC demo video released

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12 minutes of Frostbite 2 goodness. If anything the full video only reaffirms that Battlefield 3, graphically speaking, is pretty damn impressive. It’s an example of the right way to go about gaming production in my opinion. I might not be a PC gamer (yet) but I would much rather have the most powerful version of the game being the lead, which in this case, is the PC version.

Still, I have a lingering sense of apathy about the game, at least in single player. The last Battlefield game I’ve played is Bad Company and I enjoyed that game’s single player campaign because it was humorous. Most modern war games are so melodramatic, because if for some reason they were anything other than that it’d be a problem. Still, Battlefield 3 is going to be a multiplayer game at heart, but since DICE are pushing the single player component so much, I hope it isn’t some half-assed serious war story.

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