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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SDCC Trailer

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I’m gonna need a fresh pair of pants.

Warner Bros had their panel today at SDCC and they gave the fans quite the show. Along with a surprise appearance by the Suicide Squad who came bearing their first trailer, Zack Snyder and company also gave us the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during their part of the panel. This epic new trailer became available to the mass public shortly after and of course we have it for your viewing pleasure. I won’t talk to much about it because frankly I’d just end up gushing like a school girl, but we finally get our first look at Wonder Woman in action (and in full costume), and a much better idea of what the movie is going to be about other the the Batman and Superman beatdown we’ve already been shown. Also if you look close enough there are some possible clues to the fate of Robin, Suicide Squad tie-ins, and who could possibly be the villain in this and maybe the Justice League movie going forward. One other bit of note worthy news that Zack Snyder let slip at the panel is that Gotham and Metropolis are sister cites in his DC movie universe. Think Oakland and San Francisco. This is a big piece of the puzzle as to why Batman wants to take Supes down, it’s more then likely Gotham was also partially destroyed when Kal fought Zod in the Man of Steel finale. Also one other thing i’d like to point out, it looks like Superman is going to have to answer for his part in the massive destruction caused in Man of Steel. So anyone who trashed that movie because they thought he was getting off scott-free, is going to have to find something else to complain about. Anyway, I can’t freaking wait for this movie to come out next March, but what do you think. Take a look at the trailer and let us know if you are as excited about Batman v Superman as I am.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice explodes into theaters March 25th, 2016

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