Ryan Thomason

Barnes and Noble: Comics on the CHEAP!

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Alright all you cheap bastards like me who don’t buy anything unless the deals are too good to be true. Barnes and Noble are unloading their graphic novel collections, and it’s not a measly $2 price drop, most are 75% to 80% price cuts. If you’ve been holding on graphic novels, now is the time to buy from the bargain bin you probably didn’t know about.

Granted, these aren’t all blockbuster titles here, but if at least now you can pick up something that you would never have looked at because of the steep discount. If you do some digging, like I did, you’ll find a couple that stand out and tell you that you must have it. My wife can’t complain that I spent $10 on 3 Graphic Novels, but because I saved some $60 I’m golden. She pulls that stuff on me all the time so guys, time to get your just deserved “BUT IT WAS ON SALE!” explanation.

Why don’t you click this now.

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