James Helsby

Bad idea of the day: Redbox to compete with Netflix in streaming movies

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Recently Redbox President Mitch Lowe, told a group of ‘market analyists’ that they will be bringing a monthly-subscription based service to the users. The monthly subscription will allow users to stream Redbox video’s directly to their web-enabled devices. The improtant thing to note here, is the word devices.

Service is expected to be offered on  iPhones, PCs and perhaps consoles. But the problem that Redbox will have in that Netflix has been working very hard with OEMs to get access to their service built into just about everything. TVs, PC, Blu-Rays, Consoles, mobile devices. For Netflix, the game has already been won.

So with a several year deficit to try and over come, do we really think that Redbox will be able to make a viable business out of the new content delivery method? Probably not. How quickly do we forget, that in its infancy Netflix effectively destroyed Hollywood Video, and Blockbuster. Not to mention the Blockbuster streaming service.


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