Back To The Future: The Game kicks off next week

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It’s About Time, Episode 1 of Telltale’s new Back To The Future game, will be available on PC and Mac December 22nd from pacific time, which is next Wednesday. The first episode is set sixth months after the events of Back To The Future: Part 3 as Marty McFly steps back into a reappeared DeLorean to rescue Doc Brown in the past, or is that future? You can still get the first episode free if you click here and sign up for the offer. You can also preorder all 5 episodes for $24.95 and Telltale will also throw in Puzzle Agent for free. I’m sure I’m right in saying many of us are excited to see what they can do with the world of Back To The Future after their past work on Sam And Max, Tales Of Monkey Island and Wallace And Gromit just to name a few.

(Source: Telltale Blog)

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