Alan Smithee

Australia and the UAE are Best Friends

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too bad I can't find what the arabic word for banhammer'd be wholly appropriate right now.

Why would I say something so utterly ridiculous? Cause they ban just about every single game that they might see as too violent. The latest victim of the banhammer for the UAE?!? Guess, go on..I’ll give you a second to think about it.

Yup, Heavy Rain will join the ‘banned in the UAE’ (I seriously would pay to have someone do a 2 Live Crew version of that) list of games that shares company with other recent games such as Darksiders and Dante’s Inferno. The governing body over such things, the ‘National Media Council’ has declared it so.

I’m calling it right now, even God of War III won’t be safe from the ban. I could seriously do this all day with the entire list of games coming out for 2010, any bets on whether or not Halo: Reach will make the cut?

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