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Atlus Drops Sexy New Details On Upcoming Persona 4 Titles

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Some small details and screenshots have emerged about the new Persona 4 titles that Atlus announced a couple days ago, and I’m riding this hypetrain all the way to Funkytown.

First off, there are several new details and screenshots on the PSP Vita port of Persona 4, entitled Persona 4 The Golden. There will be new Personas, and several new events, like a Halloween party at Junes. Atlus is also adding about 50% more voicework to the game, and several new animated cutscenes (including the hotsprings event above). However, the biggest news is a new character named Marie, and a corresponding social link. The wonderfully low-res screens are below:

Ultimate Mayonaka Arena, the Persona 4 2D fighter being done by Ark System Works, also had some new screenshots and details drop. The game actually has a semblance of plot: “Two months after the conclusion of Persona 4, Teddie is promoting an event called the “P-1 Grand Prix” and announcing that various members of the Investigation Team will be participating.” Yousuke, Chie, and The Protagonist are confirmed characters, as well as Aigis from Persona 3. I’m guessing that Priestess Arcana slot is for Yukiko, but that’s just a hunch. Ultimate Mayonaka Arena hits arcades in Spring 2012 and Xbox/PS3 in Summer 2012. Check out the (once again lo-res) screenshots below:

All I can say is that my body is ready.

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